Shopping with MCL Reader: Shelley G scored this awesome deal!

Thanks Shelley G for sharing this example of how you can get these items and earning points back to replace the $ you spent! (You can pay with points if you have them in your account as well)~Ruth Ann

Here’s a chance to donate to your local Food Bank, it will only take a few minutes, & it’s completely FREE, you just need to have a PC Plus Points card, this is an in store offer, (so you don’t need to upload it, no coupon required)…. -Chef-Boyardee canned pasta, sale $1.25, earn 1,250 PC Plus points. (1,250 pts = $1.25), at the Atlantic Superstore. Transaction #1, purchase 4 x Chef Boyardee $1.25 = $5, earn 5,000 pts = Free. Transaction #2, purchase 12 x Chef Boyardee $1.25 = $15, earn 15,000 pts = Free. (Limit 12 per purchase). Now you’ve exchanged $20 cash for 20,000 PC Plus points which you can now redeem for $20 towards your regular shopping order… and you’ll have 16 cans of pasta to drop off in the Food Bank box, or keep for back to school lunchboxes

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