Shopping with MCL Reader: Shelley G scored this awesome deal!

Thanks Shelley G for sharing this example of how you can get these items and earning points back to replace the $ you spent! (You can pay with points if you have them in your account as well)~Ruth Ann

Here's a chance to donate to your local Food Bank, it will only take a few minutes, & it's completely FREE, you just need to have a PC Plus Points card, this is an in store offer, (so you don't need to upload it, no coupon required).... -Chef-Boyardee canned pasta, sale $1.25, earn 1,250 PC Plus points. (1,250 pts = $1.25), at the Atlantic Superstore. Transaction #1, purchase 4 x Chef Boyardee $1.25 = $5, earn 5,000 pts = Free. Transaction #2, purchase 12 x Chef Boyardee $1.25 = $15, earn 15,000 pts = Free. (Limit 12 per purchase). Now you've exchanged $20 cash for 20,000 PC Plus points which you can now redeem for $20 towards your regular shopping order... and you'll have 16 cans of pasta to drop off in the Food Bank box, or keep for back to school lunchboxes
  1. The flyer doesnt show that you receive any points for the Chef Boyardee?

  2. This is a deal in the Atlantic Superstore flyer<br />

  3. Oh thanks so much, i just looked at save easy flyer lol 🙂

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