V-Tech Smartwatch Review

We had fun testing out the VTech Smartwatch. It was provided to me to offer my opinion and share with you.

This watch is so much fun! Both of my children played with it.
Having an 11 yr old and toddler gave me a chance to see what the watch could really do.

First off, it looks great, and will fit any child well. The carmera “points” out the side of the watch, for a unique angle and fun perspective for kids. My boys were able to be creative and add frames to their photos, making it more fun and interactive for them.

Recording their voices was their favourite feauture by far. This watch is not only educational, it is so much fun!!

I recommend this Smartwatch for children learning to tell time. It allows them to change clock faces and play learning games as well. The only downfall was that my little guy did not want to take it off!
~ Ruth Ann, Clayton & LorneHere are some of the features of this watch. The watch we tested is bright green, but is also available in Pink and Blue.

Features include:
 Camera with photo effects
 Video recorder
 Voice recorder
 Touch screen
 4 learning games
 Durable design
 Connects with VTech’s Learning Lodge™
 Available in blue, green, and pink
 Splash and sweat proof
 Rechargeable
 Digital and analog watch displays
 Timer and alarm clock
 50+ clock face designs
 Exclusive white colour for Walmart
Age recommendation: 4+ years
MSRP: $59.99
Retail availability:
For more information on this and other VTech products visit:


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