Birthday Party Made Easier With A Plan! #Grecoville

This past weekend we celebrated Clayton's birthday with his friends. He turned 6 back on December 30th, but this year he asked for a party with some of his friends. So, when planning what to do, where to go and what to eat, I went with the ease of a hosted party, at a fun location and we ordered our food ahead of time from Greco Pizza.

This post is sponsored by Greco. We received pizza and compensation for this post, but all opinions and wording are our own.

Easy, Simple and Stress Free!!

The Imperfect Parent – My Kid Lives On Crackers and Milk!

The Imperfect Parent - My Kid Lives On Crackers and Milk!

Frustrating is the nice way of putting it when I describe meals with my 3 1/2 year old.

Do you have a "picky" eater?

You start to wonder if you are failing at this whole parenting thing. You feel like everyone is judging you.

I can't tell you how many blog posts and expert articles I have read about feeding a picky eater. They pretty much all tell you what your kid should be eating, and tricks for how to get them to eat veggies and fruit.

I get it, I understand why it works with some kids...but just because it worked for you, it doesn't mean my kid will react the same.

Preschooler Thoughts – Cows, Milk and Poop?

Preschooler Thoughts: by Clayton 3.5 yrs old

Preschooler Thoughts - Cows, Milk and Poop?

A little rest on our Journey at King's Landing Historic Village. Aug 2016
Out of the mouth of babes! I have to start sharing more of these moments with you. Remembering these little tidbits of childhood wisdom and funny moments will get harder as time goes on, so sharing to preserve them and perhaps share with his girlfriend in the future! Yesterday as Clayton was eating yogurt at the kitchen table. Clayton: "yogurt and milk is from cows. " Hubby: "yes, from cows." Clayton: "and sometimes they poop too." Us: giggle, giggle "yes, they do that too."
Now wondering what the thought process was for him yesterday as we explored King's Landing and encountered many cows. Where does he think poop comes from? I cannot remember what I have told him about the whole process. oh dear.

Blackout Drawing

Blackout Drawing

As I sat here on the weekend colouring with Clayton, I remembered something I had done as a kid.

We had a large bulletin board on our kitchen wall. One time (probably more), I covered it in a large sheet of paper, and started colouring, random colours and designs on it, using pencil crayons. Once the entire sheet was covered, I took a black crayon and covered the sheet with black wax! Then took a flat ended toothpick and made designs in the black wax, letting the colours shine through.

Last weekend, I decided to give it a quick try, only I just had crayons on hand. Here are the results. Look below the pics for ideas and suggestions for making this project more fun and variations on types of medium to use.


Colour sheet of paper many colours

  • pencil crayons will work better if using crayon to cover in black
  • oil pastel will produce more vibrant colour underneath if using Black poster paint on top.


The crayon on crayon did not cover as well. I am going to try the poster paint next time.

Use a screw driver, chopsticks, or any other hard object that will scratch off the black layer.

This is a fun project to have ready in craft bags. You can either let the kids make it from the beginning of the process, or have the blackout paper ready for them to use.