Shopping with Ruth Ann : Target

Today I went to check for deals at Target. Ashley, Natalie and I met there, along with another couponing friend. We walked the store, row by row and each found some great deals.

There were a couple items I bought without coupons, but they were either a great price already, or it kept me from making an additional stop or trip to the store. Sometimes we could get a better deal elsewhere,  but often I opt for the convenience of one stop (especially when I have my 13 month old with me).

Here is what I found and picked up today.
(this was 2 trips to Target. only got 4 coffee the first trip and the pizza coupons were at home, so went back later to get a couple more coffee and use my $2 off pizza coups!)

Clearance Items:
2x Delissio Pizza $2.99 – $2 = $0.99 each (I don’t buy many prepackaged frozen meals, but this was a fabulous price. Great when we need a quick meal.)
6X Van Houtte Coffee Beans $3.17 – $3 (insert/mail out)=$0.17 each
Lysol bathroom cleaner $1.50 – $1 (target) -$1 (wm mag)=+$0.50
Gerber Graduates snacks $1.16
Non clearance:
2X Jasmine rice $3.99 – $2 (mail out) =$1.99 each
Liberte baby yogurt $2.89
3X Old elPaso tortillas $2.99 (they have various coupons on the back)
4X Friskies cat treats $1.72 – $1 (target) – BOGO free (printable) = $0.31 each
Twin sugar 100pk $3.09 (not a great deals but we were out…yes I ran out of something! )

Total before coupons:$57.47
Total after coupons: $23.89
Tax: $1.08
Total out of pocket: $24.97

Savings of  57% on total order.

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