Shopping With Natalie: Shopper’s Haul and weekly groceries

Shopping with Natalie: Oct 19-20, 2013

This weekends shops: Thursday, I stopped in to Lawton's for the last day of the sale. White Swan Tissue was $0.50 and I had 7x $0.50 off coupons. I paid $0.45 for all 7 boxes!
On Sunday I went to Shoppers to take advantage of the event (18, 500 bonus points WUS $75).
I try to buy things that my family would be buying that week as much as possible!
Here is what I got:

  • 2x Arm & hammer Laundry $3.99 - 1 = $2.99 each 
  • Danino Yogurt drinks $3.99 - .50 = $3.49 
  • Advil liquid gels $12.49 - 3 = 9.49 
  • Tostitos & salsa = $5 - $ (peelie) = $3 for both 
  • ML Hot Dogs & Bens Buns (used free buns WUB HDs coupon) $2.99 for both 
  • Clear Shampoo $5.99 - $3 (peelie) = $2.99
  • Clear Conditioner $5.99 = FREE - used BOGO from Unilever (bottle had $3 peelie that I saved for next shop) 
  • Clear Men's Shampoo $5.99 - $3 (peelie) = $2.99 
  • Degree Men's Antiperspirant $5.49 = FREE (used Buy men's Clear get free Degree)

No Coupon: 

  • Breton crackers - close to date clear out = $.99 
  • 8x Pepsi = $8 
  • 6x 6pk flavored water = $9 
  • Sunny D $1.99 
  • 2x Fruitopia = $3 
  • Dad cookies $1.99 
  • Goldfish crackers $2.49 
  • Kraft singles $5.99 
  • 2x Campbells Soup $.69 each 
  • $4.70 total bottle deposit

It was $109.44 before tax & coupons I paid $83.74 after tax and coupons.
Received $2 rebate on Clear shampoo from Checkout 51
Earned 20, 540 points - worth about $30 Bringing total out of pocket down to $50

Next shop: Finding these peelies for Clear on the product at Shopper was exciting. It got me thinking, what if other SDM locations have them too! Maybe they would have 13 total on the shelf with the peelie than I could spend another $75 before coupons and get the bonus points again! Then I realized that if I could round up enough free conditioner WUB Shampoo and FREE Degree WUB Men's Clear coupons, I could use 1 for each I buy, and even though they don't count towards my total of $75 I would get all those free products which would be great for donations. And the $ value of point I will earn is almost equal to what I will spend in just this transaction. I have great friends who shared some BOGO coupons when I explained what I was trying to do. Another friend at the swap had the $3 off from an insert that she shared, and then I went to the Dieppe SDM and there were enough products with peelies to do the shop!!
I got:

  • 4 Men's Clear 
  • 4 Men's Degree 
  • 9 Shampoo 
  • 9 Conditioner 

Before tax & coupons it was $153.74
After coupons and $10.02 in tax, the total was $43.77
I earned 20, 330 points. (Which is worth almost $30)
I also earned $2 back from Check Out 51 on my husbands phone.
So OPP is close to $11.

I also did my regular Superstore shop.
No amazing deals, so I wont bore you with all the details, but I still saved $ 17.67 from coupons and $ 13.26 from employee discount. I only used 2X FPC for yogurt the rest were all just $ off coupons. Saved 25% of my total grocery bill.


I don't know about you, but I am sure hoping for a Super Spend your Points Event really soon!!

Thanks for coming shopping with me.


  1. What does SDM do at a Spend Your Points event – are your points worth more?

  2. Yes, they put on promotions from time to time where your points are worth more. So 95,000 reg redemption is $170, but on spend your points events they may by $200 or more. 50,000 is usually $100 + and sometimes they also up the amounts for lower points values.<br />

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