Shopping with Amanda: May Shop @ Target & Sobeys

Sorry for the delay in posting Amanda’s shop. She sent this to me and I completely missed out on posting it.

Here is a great shop from Amanda from May @ Target & Sobeys:

  • Campbell’s soups (pm’d no frills) $.50ea x 8=$2 {I didn’t have any coupons but there are some out there}
  • Rice crispies and frosted flakes (pm’d no frills) $2ea x 2= $4
  • Febreeze air effects (pm’d no frills) $2ea I used 3 of the $3wub2 and 2 of the $1wub1 so I paid $.50 for 6 and $1 for 2. Not sure how to put that in here right lmao
  • 4x soft soap (pm’d sobeys) $1.45ea-$1 coupons= $.45 ea
  • 10x mr.noodles (pm’d no frills) 10/$2 = $2 for 10
  • 1xhuggies wipes (pm’d no frills) $2-$1.50 target coupon=$.50
  • 2x Pepsi (pm’d sobeys) $3.99ea

  • 4x majesta toilet paper $2.99ea-$1=$1.99 ea
  • 2x nabob kcups $7.99ea-$2=$5.99

Total @ target was $52.89. I used a giftcard from previous purchase -$15.00 so OOP $37.59
Total @ Sobeys was $21.49Total shopping OOP $59.08

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