Savings Tip Of The Day: Per Unit Prices Are Key To Deals



When buying meat (or anything really),
Always work out the Per Unit price (per kg/lb). Bulk is not always best. 

If you look at the prices on shelves in the store, there is usually a per unit price on the sticker as well. Keeping a Price Book will help you keep track of what is a good per unit price on the items you purchase regularly.

I love getting 50% off meat. In this example it is chicken, which is something we eat several times a week.

I picked up 8 packs of 2 boneless skinless chicken breasts this morning. Each pack was around the same price and I paid $5.50/lb-50%= $2.75/lb

When I checked the “Bone In” packs they were $9.97/lb, and even the bulk bl/sl were  $5.95/lb. (50% off =$2.98/lb)

The best price was on the smallest packs!
So for our 3 weeks worth of chicken for lunches (8 lunches/week for 2 ppl) and a couple supper meals, I paid $23.08

Happy Savings!

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