RLYNN KIDS is enhancing children’s lives in Moncton

Our son Clayton choose to attend two RLYNN KIDS camps this summer, the Multisport, and Art camps. He had a fabulous time at each camp and we wanted to share more about how RLYNN KIDS is enhancing children’s lives in Moncton through Art, Drama, Leadership & Sports!

We partnered with RLYNN KIDS to promote their camps and try out the Multisport Camp and Art Camp. We received two weeks of camp in exchange for a review and promotion. That being said, we will continue supporting this local teacher-owned business as Clayton is signed up for their Fall program (DETAILS BELOW). ** Look at the bottom of this post for a coupon for $20 OFF Fall Classes, valid until Sept 10th **

These week-long camps offer full days of activities, both indoors and out. With daily group activities with all camps interacting, going to the splash park, having games in the gym, then breaking out into their smaller groups to focus on Art, Drama, Sports and leadership, this was a well rounded day for the children. It allowed for many new friendships to grow, skills to be learned and connections to be made.

Clayton’s favorite part of the Multisport camp was the variety of sports and games they learned and played throughout the week. It was interesting, fun and engaging.

He also had a great experience at Art camp where he learned many new techniques for expressing himself through art. Rachel was able to create interesting projects, explaining to them so the campers could follow along and break each piece of artwork down into easy-to-follow steps. Here are just a few of the artworks that came home that week.


Rachel O’Brien, the owner of RLYNN KIDS, has been teaching in the Anglophone East school district for just under 15 years. She has taught both Elementary and Middle School students and has 20+ years of experience working in summer camps.

In our interview, she shared with me a bit more about what they offer and why she started offering these programs to families in Greater Moncton.

Why did you start doing the camps?

Rachel: “I worked as an elementary Art teacher for years and I used to have students’ parents ask me if I would ever consider running an art camp in the summer.  At the time I had young children at home and I was very involved in Camp Wildwood during the summer, so it wasn’t a feasible endeavor for me.  However, I did like the idea and figured that when the time was right I would give it a try.”

Did they start as art classes and then grow into a variety of offerings?

Rachel: “I started last summer with two weeks of Art camp.  They went so well that I offered art class throughout the year, and a Christmas camp as well as a March Break Camp. After some planning and lots of conversations with my husband and family, we decided to try a full summer of camps.  When we planned for 8 weeks, we knew that we wanted to do more than Art, so we added Drama and Multisport.  “

I noticed you offer a leadership camp for older children, what made you see this as a need, and what are some of the activities the Campers participated in?

Rachel: “There are not enough well-programmed activities for middle school-aged children that give them an opportunity to develop skills that they need to help them find success in their teenage years.  Our program focuses on helping our leadership campers start the conversation around integrity, and responsibility, finding good role models and mentors, developing age-appropriate independence, choosing and maintaining real friendships, communication, and inclusion.  We start our day with a leadership conversation circle. The rest of the day is spent doing team-building activities, playing games, enjoying community with each other, and working through challenges with our campmates.  Everything about this camp is planned and purposeful.  They don’t know it but each game teaches something.  It might be problem-solving, it might focus on collaboration, it could be about communication, whatever it is it is about leadership.  The whole week is designed to push, and encourage campers,  it is also about making connections with their campmates, and the staff.”   

What do you plan to continue offering in the future?

Rachel: “We are very excited for the Camps next summer.  My staff and I have been talking a lot about the things that have worked for us and the things that we think we can make better, this year was great, but next year will be even better.” 

Will there be classes or camps provided at different times of the year?

Rachel: “Yes, We learned a lot over the last year, and we are excited about our future programming.  We will be offering Art classes again in the fall.  This year we will be offering them to two different age groups.  We haven’t decided what Christmas or March break camp will look like, but we will be doing something.”


This Fall you can register your child (ages 5 through 12) in 6-week programs in Art or Drama. These classes are offered one evening a week for 6 weeks.

Use this coupon and get $20 off (Valid until Sept 10th!). Let Rachel know you have this coupon from my page.

For more information on RLYNN KIDS camps and classes, email rlynnkids@gmail or visit them on Facebook at RLYNN KIDS.

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