Frugal Friday Tip: Save Money On Laundry


Saving Money On Laundry

Laundry is something we all have to do. So let’s talk about ways to reduce the costs of this mundane weekly/daily chore. 

I feel like we do not wear our clothing or value our clothing the same as we did when I was growing up. We wore our clothes until they were dirty. Pants at least 2 times, maybe 3, shirts were usually one time, but sweaters wore over tops of shirts would have been worn multiple times as well. As I move through the piles of laundry each week, I have been noticing the quality of clothing is lower, washing more often simply means replacing them sooner, and also wasting water, energy and time!
So here are my tips to save money on laundry…and we will leave the chat about quality vs. price to another post!
(side note: do you remember those concert T’s or hoodies from university that we still have 15-20 years later….I doubt our kids will be able to wear similar clothing more than 5 years from now.)

  • Start off with HE appliances if you can. Or plan ahead for future purchase when needed.
  • Use cold water wash whenever possible. Most laundry can be done on cold cycle.
  • Hang clothing out on clothesline to save on electricity from running the dryer. Dryer racks work well for a single person or couple as well.
  • Make your own laundry soap. (Recipes linked below)
  • If using the dryer, invest in wool dryer balls (We get them here). Cutting down on drying time, no chemicals and oh so soft towels every time! No more dryer sheets.
Laundry Soap Recipes:


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