Frugal Friday Tip: Save Money On Laundry

Frugal Friday Everything Unscripted

Saving Money On Laundry

Laundry is something we all have to do. So let's talk about ways to reduce the costs of this mundane weekly chore.

  • Start off with HE appliances if you can. Or plan ahead for future purchase when needed.
  • Use cold water wash whenever possible. Most laundry can be done on cold cycle.
  • Hang clothing out on clothesline to save on electricity from running the dryer. Dryer racks work well for a single person or couple as well.
  • Make your own laundry soap. (Recipes linked below)
  • If using the dryer, invest in wool dryer balls. Cutting down on drying time, no chemicals and oh so soft towels every time! No more dryer sheets.
Laundry Soap Recipes:

Liquid Laundry Soap by Everything Unscripted

Powder Laundry Soap by Everything Unscripted (you can leave out borax and add more washing soda)

Borax Free Liquid Laundry Soap by Mom 4 Real

Borax Free Laundry Powder by Homespun Engineer

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