Shopping With Natalie: Oct 5-6


I thought I would bring readers on a weekend full of shopping trips with big savings.  

Although Walmart price matches, I still find myself going to other stores for fruit/veggie & meat deals. I enjoy shopping clearance carts and looking for new tear pads also. I also shop at SDM a lot, because of the points promos.  

Each week, after reviewing the flyers and match ups, I make a list for each store. I then decide if all the items on a particular stores list are available at Walmart, I will price match that store while at Walmart.  

I also try to leave Walmart for last, price matching any items that were sold out at the store they were on sale at. I always request a rain check at the original store also to use at a later date.   This weekend I went to:

WALMART Here’s what I got for $10.66  2x Windex Touch Ups – sale 2 x $2.96, used BOGO and $2 off coupons = $1.48 each  1x Becel PM coop $3.99 – $1 coupon = $2.99 6x Delmonte veggies $1 -$.75 WUB 2 coupon $.62 each 4x King size Chocolate bars $1.38 BOGO coupons = $.70 each (save $1.14 on multi-buy 3for$3 – didn’t know this until after) 4 boxes of Fibre 1 cereal $4.97 each – FREE after coupon from PIN promo In all I used $30.85 in coupons.  

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 SOBEYS $19.97 Great find in clearance cart, 50% off toothpaste – Colgate sensitive – recent insert had a $2 off coupon – making them $0.39 each. I got all 4 for donations. They don’t expire until next March! I also used 2x$1 off coupon on lady products on sale for $3.99.  Other sales I took advantage of were Pillsbury dough $2.50, whole pineapple $2, bananas $.79 / lb & Pepsi 2L $.99.  In all I used $11 worth of coupons.   

 Shoppers Drug Mart1st transaction  2x$50 gift cards = 1000 base points 
2nd transaction Here’s what I bought: 3x Sheriff pie mix $1.67 each – used 2x$.50 off coupons, plus buy 2 get 1 free coupon = $.78 each 3x Cup a soup $.88 – $1 WUB Knorr Products =$.56 each Q-tips $2.99 -$1 = $1.99 Helmans Mayo – $2.79-$1 = $1.79 5x blue trash bags @$1 each Pepsi x 4 = $5 Peanut Butter $2.99 Flavored water 1.99 x 4 Koolaid Jammers $1.99  Saved $21.67 with coupons  Saved $53.76 because of sales And spent $44.75 while earning 10, 800 points! Earned $5 back from checkout 51 rebate for buying energizer lithium. 
3rd transaction 10 pk of Energizer lithium 2pk batteries on sale 50% off @ $5.99 each – $5 coupon for each making them $.99.  The total for this transaction was $17.69 after I saved $60 from sales and $50 in coupons.  Earned $5 back from checkout 51 (my husbands phone) rebate for buying energizer lithium.  
This yielded me 11, 800 points.   

 For my 2 Shoppers transactions, I spent $62.54, saved $186.53 ($71.67 of that was coupons – rest is sales) AND earned 23, 600 Shoppers optimum points which is worth over $30!!   
Lawtons I got 20 packages of Ivory soap for $2.58 – which is just taxes.  It’s on sale for $.99 and I had $1 off coupons for each from the recent brandsaver insert.   

Superstore Superstore is my “home” grocery store. It’s where I buy produce and meat that is not on sale elsewhere along with any other items that my family needs for the week.  My husband is employed by LobLaws so I feel it’s important to shop there whenever possible, we also save 10% on everything (at the before coupon price).  Today before coupons and discounts my total was $132.61, then I used $40.81 in coupons and saved $13.30 from his employee discount for a total savings of 40%.  I’m not going to break it all down so here’s a snap shot of the groceries and my receipt.  

I have to say that even I am really surprised to say I saved $174.30 in coupons this weekend which is more than the amount of money I spent.   I’m sad to say that I don’t track my savings each week anymore but I think if I have learned anything writing this article, it would be that I should, because it would be very rewarding to see that running total!! 

Thanks for coming shopping with me!  

I would never have dreamed a few years ago that savings like this were possible and I owe it all to The Moncton Coupon Lady, Ruth Ann Swansburg. She taught me everything I know by taking her seminar and following her blog and Facebook page.  

Happy Couponing Everyone! 
~ Natalie

Thank you to Natalie for the great blog post. She is an admin on our Facebook page, and Trades Group. You will see more from her in the future here on the MCL Blog.
~ Ruth Ann 

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