Shopping with Judy: Halifax PM @ Walmart


Halifax shopping trip – as I was in Halifax for the weekend I decided to check out Canada Price Matching (PM) at Walmart Bedford. 
Here is what I got :

  • Barilla pasta Walmart price $1.87 pm to Maxi for .88 use .75 coup =.13
  • Oasis Nutrisource Juice Walmart price $2.49 PM to Ocean Market $1.49 Use $1 coup=.49
  • Maple Leaf Top dogs Walmart price $4.99 Pm to Gateway .97
  • VH Sauces Walmart $2.49 PM to Pipers $1.25
  • Chocomax Bars Walmart Price $2.49 PM to Uniprix $1.67-$1=.67 

I had a few more things on my list but they didn’t have them in stock or not the exact product as in the flyer or pics. Very easy -to use coupons & PM. 

I talked to Jim Ass. Manager and he advised all staff are well trained and he confirmed PM is a Walmart policy but Canada wide is a store by store policy. He is a couponer and loves to see people getting deals. He just wanted to let me know not at all Walmarts allow this. 

If you are ever in Halifax area or live there try PM at Walmart Bedford. PS I didn’t try to PM fruit & veggies – maybe someone from the area can comment if you can PM these items. BUT Tomatoes were .57/lb I bought 3 tomatoes for .75 ( now that’s a deal!)

~Judy Coupon

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