Out & About: Judy’s Superstore shop

Decided to try the 20,000 points spend $100 and see what I could get with it & other offers.
First I got Gatorade & Doritos ( spend $20 get $20 MIR coupons)

Next I got meat - had spend $20 get 3000 points so spent $22 plus saved $2 on 2 Marc Angelo products
Delissio Pizza $3.99 (I didn't have any coups) each 1200 points
Degree deodorant 2/$3 use BOGO plus $1=2 /.50
Old El paso Kit $3.49 -500 points -FPC =Free
Miniwheat Center Cereal $5.49-FPC =FREE
4 Krave cereal $5.49 each - 4 FPC =4 Free
2 Special K Protien cereal $3.99-FPC =Free (all cereal going to Foodbank)
PC Peanut butter Ice Cream Sandwich bars x2 -800 points each ( my grandsons favorite treat)
plus bought a Hardcover 2014 World Record Book $26.21 got 3950 ( for my grandsons BDAY - he REALLY REALLY wants this).

OOP $93.50 includes $6.33 tax
coupons used $49.41
points earned 31450 (worth $31) plus $20 MIR for FPC coupons.

Had some other offers I couldn't use as products not available.

~ Judy
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