I got 32 jars of baby food for $7.04!


I was on the hunt for some deals today. Clayton was in a great mood this morning and awake (a somewhat rare occasion for our little 3 month old), so I decided we would head to Superstore before we met my hubby for lunch.
There were loads of carts along the front of the store, at both entrances, full of 50% off PINK Stickers. You gotta love those pink stickers!
We didn’t NEED anything, but I thought I would have a look and if there was a great deal I would consider picking it up.
My baby is only 3 months old, so not eating “food” yet, and I plan to make most of it when he does. At first I looked at the baby food and continues on. As I got thinking, I realized, it’s all $0.79 – $0.99 regular, and on for 1/2 price, then I also had coupons!!!(4 Coupons for $1.50 WUB 8 Jars = $6 in coupons)
I went back, looked at what was there and picked some things I know I will not make myself. Mostly the fruit purees and Chicken and Turkey meal type ones…I am great with veggies, but pureed stew, or entire meals…I may not be so good at those.

So here are the details of my shop: 

32 Jars of Baby Food for $7.04

28 Small Jars @ $0.79 = $22.12
4  Bigger Jars @ $0.99 = $ 3.96
TOTALValue :                $26.08
– 50%:                             $13.04
– coupons                         $  6.00 
Total Paid                        $  7.04 

**NOTE: All the food had expiry dates of 2014. Remember, always check the expiry date, but usually they are good for a while. It is most likely a packaging change or they are no longer making that particular item. Clearance bins are a wonderful place to shop!

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