Coupon Trading Etiquette

Coupon Trading Etiquette 

These steps were prepared by Josh, one of our wonderful Admins on the MCL Facebook page and Trades Group. Along with the tips below, be sure to be prompt with mailing out trades as well. (thanks Linda for adding this reminder!)

~ Ruth Ann
the Moncton Coupon Lady

Steps to a successful trade:

  1. When wanting to start a trade please bear in mind what the person has requested as method of contact. In other words, some people will ask you to Private Message (PM) them as they don’t get notifications. Failing to do so could result in you losing out on a trade.
  2. The person with whom you’re trading may have specific wants. Be sure to pay attention to their wishlist. They may have specific brands, size, or wording for the coupons they would like.
  3. Please try to be prompt. When a person sends you there wishlist please try to reply to them as soon as possible if you’re able to fulfill that request. Even if you’re unable to, please let the other person know, as someone else may be waiting to trade for that item. Most trading standards are set to a 24hr wait time for a reply.
  4. When doing a trade don’t entertain multiple offers, there’s nothing ruder than trying to work out a deal with someone just to have the other person say they traded with someone else. Use a first come first serve system.
  5. Once the trade has been arranged, let the other people waiting know that the item is no longer available. This gives the other person the chance to try to obtain the coupons from another source.
  6. Once you have received the other person’s envelope let them know, also add your name to the good trader list.
  7. Last but not least, if you have any issues with a trade please reach out to one of the admins, don’t air it out on the wall. It could be a simple misunderstanding and we don’t need the other person’s reputation soured if not needed. Any post of this nature will be removed .
 by Josh Goguen

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