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Our job is to make your brand shine in a genuine way and help you create real connections with our community.

By partnering with us to create content about your product or service, you are able to reach our audience through word-of-mouth marketing. We provide various ways to connect with our readers and followers such as blog posts, social media campaigns, contests and more. 

Swansburg Media is the parent company for our group of blogs and social channels. You can choose to work with us in one specific area or across all of our properties.


Everything Unscripted is our main blog and home to 10 years of content revolving around Family, Food, Travel and Fun. We started this business under The Moncton Coupon Lady name and rebranded in 2016 to encompass more than just frugal living.

You can find us here:

Website: www.everythingunscripted.com

Facebook (20K+ followers)

Instagram (1,900 followers)

Pinterest (35K + reach)



Our New Brunswick launched in April of 2021 as a source for all things New Brunswick and a place for us to showcase OUR family adventures in New Brunswick. We feature family and often dog-friendly activities, accommodations and restaurants. Through our website, we provide resources to help others plan day trips and family adventures exploring our province.

You can find us here:

Website: www.ournewbrunswick.com



To contact us, please email ruthann@everythingunscripted.com

Consulting and Content Creation Services

In addition to working with us as influencers, we offer the opportunity to help you create your own content to build an audience on your channels. We offer content development, image creation, and branding services. With over twenty years of creating digital content, we are experienced at keeping up with what’s new! Please contact us for more details.


Some of our previous partners & clients:



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