Zebra Coupons powered by Websaver: Mailing you coupons!

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There is a new service being provided in the next day or so through our friends at Zebra Coupons (powered by Websaver.ca)

  • ZebraCoupons.com, allows people to order coupons that are currently just available as Print at Home to be sent to them as mail to home coupons.
  • With Zebracoupons, users can order up to 48 coupons in one order, with many of the coupons being able to be ordered twice.  
  • Users are asked to cover a nominal fee for postage and handling ($2).This can be paid via Credit Card or PayPal. (More options may come in the future)
  • The site should be going live tomorrow (Thursday, Feb 23). There will be about 40-50 different coupons that you can order (on launch day, 25-50 after), many of them you can select a quantity of 2 coupons.

The goal is to make the minor postage costs offset by the total value of the savings available, plus the simplicity and convenience of not having to print the coupons out – especially if one doesn’t own a printer OR the grocery store one shops at doesn’t particularly like accepting printables.

Launch Date: Thursday, Feb 23rd. Check the site for when it goes live.


I have received some discount codes to allow some of my readers to try the new site for free. We will be giving out 30 codes here (enter below), and another 19 randomly on our social media pages in the next 24 hours!



zebracoupons.com is powered by webSaver.ca

28 thoughts on “Zebra Coupons powered by Websaver: Mailing you coupons!”

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  2. It sounds promising. I don’t mind paying a bit if the coupons are great. But will not pay anything for 50 cent coupons…

  3. I used to help my grandpa keep his coupons organized — so I guess I have used coupons ever since I started shopping myself!!

  4. So glad to see that these coupons will be mailed to our home as I do not have an access to a printer nor do I have data on my cellphone package. Paying the $2 fee for postage is okay but not liking using my credit card for this. Hope they are secure.

  5. I started couponing about 2 years ago . I have really lost interest in it because of the lack of mail to me coupons as my printer never works right.
    So I am pumped about this new website 🙂
    Thanks for the chance to win

  6. I started using coupons about 5 years ago but got out of the game when I started finding it hard to get my hands on any. They stopped coming in my flyers, I couldn’t print, and I rarely ever got any good mail to home ones. Just heard about this and think if it’s as good as it sounds it might allow me to get back in the game!

  7. I started couponing a couple of years ago. You can save a lot of money by using coupons and cash back apps! I love getting products for a cheap price, or even free.

  8. I’ve been using coupons for years now. I stopped using printable coupons at one point because I found that a lot of stores just weren’t accepting them, so I love the mail to home coupons. Thank you 🙂

  9. I love couponing amd don’t have a computer to print so mail out coupons are great!! I started couponing probably 5 years ago and I’ll never stop especially with the price of food going up

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