Winter Travel: Car Prep & Safety

Family Winter road trips can be so much fun. Not only are many destinations more picturesque in winter, they often offer off-season rates, additional outdoor activities and an opportunity to explore by skiing, snowshoes, sleigh ride and more.

When road tripping, you want to ensure your vehicle is well maintained and ready for the travel. Here are some tips for car prep and safety during your Winter road trips.

Canadian Winter Roadtrip Tips:
  1. Get your vehicle ready for Winter in the Fall. This includes 4 matching winter tires, proper windshield fluid, and a basic maintenance inspection.

  2. Pack an emergency kit/first aid kit to have in your car for all your winter driving.
  3. Plan your trip ahead, knowing where you are going to stop along the way, as well as the directions to your final destination.
  4. Check road and weather conditions and be sure to give yourself extra travel time in bad weather.
  5. Avoid using cruise control on slippery, slushy, or wet roads.
  6. Charge your cell phone. Travel with a fully charged cell phone and don’t forget your charger.
  7. Use our Winter Road Trip Check List to help you be prepared for other situations that may arise.

Some other resources you may find useful for planning Winter road trip and activities:

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