Where to Find Coupons In Canada

Where can you find coupons in Canada?

Not sure where to start? 

Right here is a great place! 

*Updated January 2024


Tear Pads can be found along the shelves throughout many stores. Manufacturer’s Coupons can be used in other stores. Occasionally stores have their own coupons. Please read coupons to ensure they are not store specific.


Look in and on the packaging of the products that you buy for special loyalty coupons. There are also “peelies” stuck to the outside that you peel off, or on the packaging that you cut out. You may also find booklets inside the packages with coupons in them. Coupons On or In packaging are intended for the person BUYING the product. PLEASE never take a coupon from a product you are not purchasing.


Contact the companies who manufacture the products you use. Ask if there are any coupons available or special promotions. I refer to these as Mail Out or Call In Coupons on the site.

One company that offers a one time per year coupon is Chapman’s.

  • We do not publish an ongoing list of companies who offer coupons, so we can promote responsible use. Please contact companies for products you personally use. If everyone requests coupons, the companies will reduce their offerings and programs.

ONLINE COUPON PORTALS (mail you coupons)

These are sites for companies that will mail you coupons. On all of these sites, you simply select the coupons you want and hit the order button. Just like a shopping cart on any online shopping site! Some sites offer both Print and Mail options.

  • Save.caThere is a minimum order of 3 coupons to receive mailed coupons from Save.ca. They offer some printable coupons and some mail out coupons. 


Printable coupons are the most popular coupons these days. Below you will find a link to our page with many brands, coupon portals and promo sites that carry printable coupons. 

  • MCL Printable list (ongoing list of printable coupons that are available from various sources)


Coupon inserts are flyers with advertising and coupons in them. They have been sporadic and random in the flyer packs and papers over the past few years. If you hear an insert is out, check your papers, then if you did not receive one, ask if friends or family have any they can give you. 


You may also find coupons in Canadian Magazines. I would not suggest subscribing to a magazine JUST for the coupons, but if you already read certain Canadian magazines, watch for coupons. If you do subscribe to a magazine, chances are you receive more coupons than the newsstand version. Most subscriptions come wrapped in plastic and often contain recipe booklets, samples, etc…that’s where you will find even more coupons!

Also watch for in-store magazines from Shoppers, Walmart, Superstore (natural foods section), Sobey’s Pharmacy, etc., they often contain a few coupons.


You can often receive email or mail newsletters with coupons. Sign up to receive promotions from your favourite brands and retailers.


Many companies are launching deals and coupons through their social media sites. Be sure you are on the Canadian site for the manufacturer you are looking for.


There are many people out there willing to trade coupons. Start a swap at work, or among a group of friends. Meet for a coffee once a month and swap coupons! 


  • Rakuten (online shopping, earn cashback)
  • Amazon.ca Coupons (there are coupons available for your Amazon purchases!)
  • HeraldShop.ca (Halifax and area deals, ship Canada wide)
  • Shopico.ca (Atlantic Canadian & Quebec deals, ship my mail)


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