Visiting the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic with kids in Halifax, NS

Visiting the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, Halifax, Nova Scotia. This is one of many educational and fun activities to do with kids in Halifax.

The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic is a regular stop for us when visiting Halifax, NS. I can’t count how many times we have visited, and each time we all have a good time reading, watching, playing and exploring.

It is the oldest and largest Maritime museum in Canada. Featuring many permanent collections as well as travelling exhibits. It is located on Lower Water Street in the heart of the Halifax Historic district and along the Halifax Harbourwalk (3km of boardwalk).

One of the highlights of every visit is checking in with one of the museum mascot, Merlin, the rainbow macaw. Merlin was born in 2002 and the average age for his species is 85 years old. More info about Merlin can be found here.

There are lots of activities and fun for the kids to explore. In the regular season (we were there this time in April, off season), there are boats docked outside to tour as well. Next to the museum outside there is also a large playground to explore.

By moving magnets along under the table, your little ones can move the icebergs and boats around this display.

I love all the details. Growing up in the Maritimes and around boats for a portion of my youth, I am into looking close at the knots, sails, wood, all the details of being a boat loving person!

There is a large installation about the Halifax explosion, including models, video, photographs and remnants salvaged from the disaster.

There is also a nice exhibit about the Titanic and much more to see on the second level.

Let’s not forget to say goodbye to Merlin before we leave! 

These photos were from our visit to Halifax in April 2017. Check out our entire post about our Halifax Weekend Wanders, for more ideas on places to visit and things to do with kids in Halifax!

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