Velcro Sticks: creative building

Velcro Sticks: creative building

OKAY, let’s face it, when you are trying to cook supper, do up the dishes, fold laundry or maybe just trying to finish a cup of coffee and there is a young child in the house, you need something to divert their attention and hold it for a minimum of 5 minutes. We have what I call “busy bags” in my house. They are zippered bags with various activities in them. Each one is ready to pass to my 3 yr old when I need to get some work done or prepare the family meal. Heck, even going to the bathroom with a toddler – preschooler in the house is a group activity. Sometimes it is nice to just divert and distract them long enough to get things done quickly (rarely done well, but better than not one at all, right?)

Here is one of his favourite busy bags: Velcro Sticks.

You can make a large number of these for less than $3. I picked up my supplies up at the local dollar store.

Supplies Needed:

  • Velcro rounds (stick on)
  • Colourful Craft Sticks / Popsicle Sticks

▪ I cut my Velcro rounds in two pieces in order to fit my craft sticks. You may be able to find smaller rounds.
▪ Attach two Velcro pieces to the sticks, one at each end. They should be the opposite sides of the Velcro.
▪ Do this to various colours and let your child enjoy!

Mine are in a “busy bag”, (Ziploc bags or a zippered pencil case work well), and I use them as an activity that my son only has access to when I get it out for him. This allows me to have something new or not so common to keep his attention when I need it.

The Velcro Sticks can be used to learn shapes and colours, or even in a counting exercise. Make some basic shapes or patterns with the sticks, then take a photo of what you made. Print the pictures of the shapes and patterns and include in the bag as part of a matching/building activity.


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  1. Your Velcro sticks creative building article is a game-changer for imaginative play. The versatile use of Velcro adds an exciting dimension to construction, fostering creativity in a fun and interactive way. A fantastic idea to keep young minds engaged and exploring!

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