My Uncluttered Home – Day 1

My Uncluttered Home – Day 1

On Tuesday, Kim from Kaos Solutions, arrived at my home at 9am. I was anxious and stressed at the idea of opening closets, cupboards and my office and storage room doors….truly stressed at the thought of someone seeing all my “hidden” clutter. Here is a video I recordeed just before she arrived.

*Kaos Solutions sponsored this post, but all thoughts and experiences are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Everything Unscripted possible.

We started by going through my home, one room, closet, cupboard at a time, and discussing what I envision in the spaces. We did not touch anything at this stage. 

In the process, we determined that we would start in the storage room. I figure as we work through the rest of the house, we may need to store items there in an organized fashion.


After (8 bags of garbage and a van load of donations!)

There were 3 more totes and the whole floor space in this pic was stacked with stuff higher than the countertop. The two shelves above were full…now I have space for my paper products and items we don’t use often will go on top shelf.

Here is a video recap of what we accomplished and the way I felt after getting started. 

My 3 BIG takeaways from Day 1 working with Kim:
  1. Envision the end result.
    What do you want the space to be when you are done? What is the most functional use for the space? (ie. have cupboards in kitchen organized to have most used items easiest to access). 
  2. Stay in the room until you are done for the day (or need a break). Leaving to take items to another room can be distracting. Have a garbage bag, donation bag and recycling bag on the go the whole time. Also allow for a small space to put items that need to go to other rooms.
  3. Have someone else take your donations away!
    This is huge for me. Having Kim take the donations away as soon as we were done made it so much easier to let go. I have no opportunity to second guess or change my mind. That van load is gone…

Kim is a professional clutter coach & organizer. She is working with me during this decluttering process. We will share more video and photos as the process progresses.

“I work with people who are overwhelmed with the demands placed on them, who are frustrated with too much clutter or dealing with internal clutter/pain and want to move forward towards positive change. Through coaching, consulting, healing and hands on de-cluttering, I help work through the chaos and clear the path to better living!” ~ Kim Eagles, Founder Kaos Solutions

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4 thoughts on “My Uncluttered Home – Day 1”

  1. Ok seriously the having someone take the stuff away is GOLD. Case and point – Dan and I did a bunch of downsizing and uncluttering over the holidays. Those bags and boxes? Still sitting in our hallway by the entrance to our apartment. We’re tripping over them every day. Why? Because both of us are too lazy to bring them downstairs, to the cars, and to the Salvation Army which is JUST up the street from us.

  2. I’m slowly making my way through everything I own cupboard by cupboard and box by box. Feels so good to simplify and have a more minimalist environment to live in. Clutter can be so draining.

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