My Uncluttered Home-The Bathroom Part 2


You are invited to join me as I de-clutter my home and create a more manageable and peaceful space for myself and my family. I am tired of the years of clutter, hanging onto “stuff” because I may use it someday, and keeping items that have memories attached.

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It is time to move it all to donate, sell or put in the garbage!

If you think this is easy, trust me, it is not. Here is my first post in the series, sharing my anxiety and feeling the firs day while I shared my home (behind all the closed doors) with Kim from Kaos Solutions. To see Part 1 of my bathroom de-clutter, check here.

So, here is the funny thing…the worst drawer in my vanity was my “make up” drawer. But I wear makeup maybe 2 or 3 times a week, so you would think I would not have much! Well, there was alot more than makeup in the drawer, and that is part of the problem. Here is the before, during and after of that purge.

Part of the frustration and clutter in the drawer was the baskets sitting across the drawer. They balanced on the edges, leaving a small space below the basket. When items slipped under, it would raise the baskets and jam the drawer. So, as you can see below, I put them in sitting on the bottom of the drawer now. 

Oh My Goodness!! All the stuff in this drawer I didn’t even know was there. Over time the earrings and jewelry piled up, band aids and other junk.  

All the jewelry belongs in another room. So it is being sorted, paired up and moved.

Makeup, some of it was many years old, or almost gone. Now all purged. Look at the nail files and clippers…that’s what happens when you can’t find things. You buy another, and another. So now they have a home, one in the drawer pictured below, one in the other bathroom and one with all my other nail supplies.

After, all the jewelry was put away in my jewelry holder in my room. There was makeup, hair elastics and skincare left in the drawer.

I still feel I have a little more than I need, but I got down to the newest makeup and skincare. I also have just one deodorant and one foundation on the go. (instead of 3 each!) The pic above is 3 weeks after the declutter and it is still nice and clean.

I feel like the bathroom is complete. The overall room was neat, except for the closet and drawer. So we move on next to my Office! Yikes, this will be a biggie.

Kim and I did a Facebook live video today, introducing her and what she does. Check it out!
FYI: I had some technical issues so we got into full swing about the 5:30 minute mark in the below video.

We will be doing a series of videos to help you with your de-cluttering and we will discuss common barriers we encounter in the process.

Kim is a professional clutter coach & organizer. She is working with me during this decluttering process. We will share more video and photos as the process progresses.

“I work with people who are overwhelmed with the demands placed on them, who are frustrated with too much clutter or dealing with internal clutter/pain and want to move forward towards positive change. Through coaching, consulting, healing and hands on de-cluttering, I help work through the chaos and clear the path to better living!” ~ Kim Eagles, Founder Kaos Solutions

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