My Uncluttered Home-The Bathroom Part 1

You are invited to join me as I de-clutter my home and create a more manageable and peaceful space for myself and my family. I am tired of the years of clutter, hanging onto “stuff” because I may use it someday, and keeping items that have memories attached.

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It is time to move it all to donate, sell or put in the garbage!

If you think this is easy, trust me, it is not. Here is my first post in the series, sharing my anxiety and feeling the firs day while I shared my home (behind all the closed doors) with Kim from Kaos Solutions.

The Bathroom

An area I have always felt was relatively clean and manageable was my bathroom. But let’s be honest here…it LOOKS fine at first glance, counter tops fairly neat and clean, floors and toilet clean…but what about behind the closet door or in the drawers? 

The bathroom also has an air conditioning unit in the back corner, which will find a new home when I am all organised and de-cluttered. But for now, that is the black box in the corner.

Well, today I share day 1 of that 2 day de-clutter with you! 

Let’s start with my closet. It is large and has 3 deep shelves, that over time had become crammed with toiletries, medications, cleaning supplies, nail polish (a whole lot of nail polish!) and towels. The floor has the dog food (another item I would like housed somewhere else, but is there for now), brooms, mops, and random clutter.

For this task I actually had to refer to my eco360 app on my phone, to see how and where to sort items for disposal.  Medications, batteries, light bulbs, nail polish and cleaners, many items need to be dropped off and not put in curb side clean up. So I have 3 shopping bags of items sorted and ready to dispose of.

I started at the top and worked my way down. Top shelf was mainly cleaners, wax melts and holders and a few candle holders. I was able to sort the cleaners and any that were multiples, I put one in the closet and the others in the cabinet in my storage room. 



The next shelf was the most disorganised and stuffed over full. I took everything out, spread it out on the floor and cleaned off the stacking bins. I had always had them stacked 3 bins high, but decided on creating 3 stacks of 2 bins instead, so I could fit items that were taller in the top shelf, and make it easier to access those items.



Nail polish – Well, I do love it, but had not been wearing much in the past few years. Most of my polish was old and separating. I have used some in crafting projects as well, but was ready to part with most of it. Check out all the polish that is going!

Expired Medications – This was another area I had many bottles and packs of medications well past expiry (like years!!). All gone now. Only 2 bins with a few medications. Any multiples are in the cupboard in the storage room. 

Hair Care and Skincare – Did I mention I used to be an avid couponer and get stuff really cheap? (I still do, just do not buy as often now) Hair care products accumulated and honestly, many of them I didn’t like or use. Any unopened are being donated, those that are opened but not gone are in the garbage. Skin care products have also been consolidated and now I use only a few products. Having been an Avon rep for 10+ years, I had tried and accumulated so much skin care. I just do not need it. Gone…

 Towels / Linens – We received new bath towels and face cloths for Christmas, so the old ones have been either thrown out or donated. They were getting very thin and tattered! All seasonal hand towels are now in the shelf above with the two drawer units. Keeping them separate will help keep the shelf with regularly used towels in neater form.

Mops/Brooms – There were old brooms and mops that we no longer use, so they are gone, and I feel like I can get rid of one more, but will see if we use the swiffer vac or not.

Drawers – The 2 double drawer units have feminine hygiene products, razors, travel size products, etc. I still have to go through them better, but I did take out all sample size items for donation.



So, I feel pretty great finishing this closet and will share day 2 of my bathroom de-clutter in the next post. It will be the cabinet drawers and underneath my sink.


Kim is a professional clutter coach & organizer. She is working with me during this decluttering process. We will share more video and photos as the process progresses.

“I work with people who are overwhelmed with the demands placed on them, who are frustrated with too much clutter or dealing with internal clutter/pain and want to move forward towards positive change. Through coaching, consulting, healing and hands on de-cluttering, I help work through the chaos and clear the path to better living!” ~ Kim Eagles, Founder Kaos Solutions

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