Travel Tuesday – Protecting Electronics During Winter Travel

Keep Your Electronics Warm

Winter is here and it’s cold! So let’s talk about what this does to your electronics, cellphones, tablets, cameras, etc…

When hiking, snowshoeing, skiing or enjoying other outdoor activities, we all like to have our cameras or cellphones on hand to preserve the memories. Have you ever noticed your devices acting sluggish, or the battery draining quicker than normal? Here are some tips to help with common cold-weather problems you may encounter.


Cold weather drains your batteries quicker and therefore can lead to safety issues and disappointment. 

Imagine after hiking or skiing for an hour you spot the most beautiful landscape and grab your phone or camera to take a photo, only to find the battery dead. Or maybe you are snowshoeing and using GPS to navigate, having a dead battery is not what you want to happen.

Different types of batteries and their performance in cold temps can be seen here.

  • Store your electronic devices in a pocket close to your body if possible or in an insulated carrying case. 

Extreme temperature changes can create condensation (water is never good where electronics are concerned).

  • To avoid condensation when returning your cold electronics to indoor temperatures, try placing in a cooler spot, like a porch, before moving right into the warmest part of the house. Gradual temperature changes will help avoid condensation build-up.
Plastic, Metal, and Glass:

All components of your electronic devices will get brittle in the cold. If you already have a crack in a screen, be careful it does not shatter.

  • Use protective cases and screen protectors to cushion and protect your devices. A good Camera case is ideal for transporting cameras and lenses as well.

These are just a few tips to help your electronics survive and perform well on your winter excursions. Happy Winter!


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