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This is the time of year that many provinces are sending out their free travel guides. If you are planning a trip or just want to explore your home province, these guides are a fabulous resource. 

Yes, all the info is available online, but I find when planning out my days or longer trips, having the paper guide to browse, is much more pleasant. I then use my phone or laptop to research details, like visiting websites for accommodations, restaurants, and activities.

Here are some links to guides in Canada:

The 2019 Travel Guide will be available this spring at major entry points to the province, as well as Visitor Information Centres, Circle K and Irving stores, and other select locations within the province during the summer season.

Request a mailed New Brunswick Tourism Guide, HERE. (2019 Guide Available)

Prince Edward Island is just the right size to allow you the opportunity to have a relaxing island vacation and still have time for experiences that will inspire life-long memories. We have miles of sandy beaches, wonderful foodie experiences, top-rated golf courses, ceilidhs and music halls all over the island, unique craft shops, and Authentic PEI Experiences that you simply have to try!

Request your Prince Edward Island Guide, HERE. (2019 guide available)

Doers and Dreamers Travel Guide

This comprehensive planning tool is complete with contact information, accommodations details, and top attractions; driving map included. Discover where to go and what to see on your next Nova Scotia adventure.

Request your Nova Scotia Tourism Guide, HERE.

Get lost and found. Our Traveller’s Guide can help you with both.


Order your free Newfoundland & Labrador Travel Guide, HERE. (2019 Guide Available)

Order your Yukon Travel Guide, HERE. (2019 Guides Available)

More info guides to view and plan on the following sites, for each province. 

  1. I would like Paper guides for Ontario as well as B. C. but are only available to download. I can’t drive to Canada to get a free copies as it seems to be the only way. How can i get these.

  2. Bobbi, I would suggest contacting the tourism website for each province and requesting the guide through their “contact us” page.

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