Transplanting Tomatoes – In The Greenhouse with Codiac Organics #supportlocalNB

Do you ever drive by a farm and wonder what the inside of their greenhouse looks like, and what is going on during the growing season? 
Well, this season, we are partnering with Codiac Organics, Moncton’s only certified organic urban farm, to brign you our In The Greenhouse with Codiac Organics series.

You can follow along as Fran shares with me, the ins and outs of growing certified organic Cherry and Beefsteak tomatoes in their urban greenhouse. 

On my first visit, a few weeks ago, we transplanted some seedlings, tied them and pollinated the tomatoes. 

Transplanting Tomatoes – In The Greenhouse with Codiac Organics #supportlocalNB

Here is a video of the experience:

Some of the things I learned the morning I spent with Fran:

  • There are just over 500 tomato plants in the Codiac Organics greenhouse.
  • You can plant much closer together in a greenhouse set up (6 and 8 inches apart).
  • I learned how to dig in the soil without putting added stress on my wrist. 
  • Soil = full of living organisms that are beneficial to organic growing. Dirt = soil that has all the good organisms killed off. 

  • I learned how to tie the plants so they will grow straight and be supported properly.
  • Pollinating your plants is something you can do to increase yield, and very simple to do. You have 24 hours to pollinate once a flower appears. 

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