Tips For Winter Travel With Your Dog

A winter vacation can be a wonderful change of scenery for you and your dog. But like any trip, you must plan ahead and be prepared. We love including Bo in our travels and adventures as much as possible. There are so many pet friendly options these days, from accommodations to businesses that will allow you to bring your dog inside for a walk around.

We are sharing the list below to help remind you of just what you will need when travelling this winter with your dog.

Simple tips to make winter travel with your dog safe and enjoyable.

1. A Copy Of Their Paperwork

When being transported by air or by car, your dog will need to have current ID tags and proof of up to date vaccinations.
– Have ID tags that have your contact information printed on them.
– Have your pet’s  health information in your wallet, in case you are asked for them crossing borders.
– Always have a current photo in your wallet or on your phone, for easy identification should you become separated.

2. Water

Don’t forget to pack bottled water for your dog. Store a portable dog dish or collapsable dish and bottled water with your dog’s supplies. Make frequent stops to allow your pet to drink, and for pee breaks!

3. Protect Their Paws

Winter snow and ice conditions can be tough on a dog’s feet. Keep baby wipes in your vehicle or backpack to clean their paws immediately after walking on salted roads or sidewalks. You can also use a paw balm like this one.

Purchasing winter booties is another great options, if your dog will tollorate them and  is sensitive to the salt. 


4. Comfort

Dogs are creatures of habit, they feel more secure with their own dog blanket or bed during travel. Their blanket will keep them warm and cozy while winter traveling by car or plane. If at all possible, bring their crate or bed to help your pet feel secure if you have to leave them at a hotel or cabin for a short period of time. Our pup Bo is crate trained, and therefore his very large collapsable crate travels with us on our adventures. He feels at home in it and we feel secure leaving him in a new environment, since he still likes to chew at times.

5. Accommodations

You’ve reached your destination, so where do you stay? Many hotels and accommodations allow for pets, sometimes at an additional charge. Inquire about Pet packages that cater to furry guests with pet menus, “doggie-bags,” and other special services during the stay.

Also, check Airbnb for pet friendly accommodations, there are lots of options. SAVE $45 on your first booking, request a discount link by emailing me: (you can get a $45 credit on your first transaction on Airbnb)

Winter Travel Survival Kit For Your Pup

Because winter conditions can be unpredictable here in Canada and many northern countries, always be prepared for delays or possible additional days on the road. You may not always have access to stores to pick up the essentials. Also, be prepared of Winter Road Trips with this overall family guide for being prepared.

Have the following with you just in case:

  • Bag to hold it all, like this one.
  • Several days’ worth of dry kibble
  • Water and a collapsible dog bowl
  • First-aid kit including any of your dog’s medications (Here are a few options)
  • Copy of medical records (vaccines)
  • Extra collar and leash or lead
  • Poop bags

Watch the blog for more pet friendly!


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