Ticks, Fleas & More – Just Ask A Veterinarian with Dr. Malone


This month on Just Ask A Veterinarian, we are talking about Springtime Parasites & preventative measures. Dr. Susan Malone and I did our live video on April 11th and shared some tips for protecting your pets this Spring. 

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~ Watch for tick eggs in black clusters looking like a clump of berries.
~ Ticks are out early Spring, whereas fleas will be out in May or into June.
~ Ticks are tiny before they are filled with blood. They may feel like a little bump on the skin.
~ Ticks can usually be found around your dog’s head and front end, as they lead with that when walking.
~ Try to stick to the center of trails and out of the tall brush, where ticks live. (They can jump to get on your pet)
~ Regular tick checks and prompt tick removal are just as important for pets as for people.
~ While our pets cannot spread Lyme disease they can transport tick who carry it.
~ Sore muscles and joints are common symptoms of Lyme disease in pets. Fever or fatigue may also develop in a pet with Lyme disease.

More tips and information on ticks in Canada can be found here: 
Checking for ticks and removal


~ Fleas are usually out once it warms up enough for mosquitos to be out, May-June in our part of Canada.
More tips on how to spot them and prevent fleas can be found here:

Disclaimer: This series is to provide general information and awareness and is not intended as a way to self diagnose your pets. Consult your veterinarian for details on preventative medicine and always discuss your pet’s personal needs directly with their veterinarian. 

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