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You can’t always be the coupon queen! Or even close. No one is perfect, we all have our days we just want to throw those coupons out the window. Today is one of those days for me. I had a shop planned, but honestly can’t even think straight at the moment. So, coupons may not be used today as planned.

**Remember the big picture and do not beat yourself up if you can’t perform coupon/saving magic every time you shop!**
Read on for why….


Photo of Clayton, 2 yrs old, is tired because at 7:30 am he has already been up 3 hours! He’s  so adorable, just wish he would sleep.

Today will be my lazy day to shop, probably no coupons and maybe even full price (yikes)…here’s why:

4am wake up call by our two cats. Their food dish was empty, it’s the perfect time to roll all over their humans and start knocking things off every table and dresser!
I get up and food is replenished, headed back to bed, now I can’t sleep. The couch it is…oh wait, there are the crazy cats again! All fed and now chasing each other. Next up, 2 yr old Clayton is awake!
Do you think I could get him to settle back down? Nope, once he hears the birds chirping outside, it’s time to get up!
4 am is far too early and not ideal when there is a sleep over with 12 yr olds happening here tonight. Think of me tonight when you head to bed, you know I will be listening to these silly boys making farting noises and laughing until the wee hours!

So, back to my shopping adventures for today…
WARNING: if you see a zombie like coupon lady at the stores today…do not look in my cart for the best deals, if you are the cashier I am standing in front of, don’t  worry, I am likely  not passing you any coupons and could posibly be paying full price today!

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