The Best Christmas Lights In Greater Moncton

Where To Find The Best Christmas Lights In Greater Moncton – Our Map, Routes & Tips 

It’s time to light up our community and share our 2023 Best Christmas Lights In Greater Moncton & Beyond!

This is a passion project of mine, with over 130k map views in the past 3 years, let’s make 2023’s list & map a favourite resource for families in South Eastern New Brunswick.

It’s Christmas light season again, this year I have compiled a list of many of the bigger or unique one-of-a-kind light displays in the Greater Moncton region (and beyond in 2023!). The list was compiled on my Facebook page in 2018, 2019 & 2020, and I continue to update and add to it here on the blog & map each year.

Many neighbourhoods are beautifully lit this time of year. Going out for an evening drive is a fun family activity and can be made extra special with some of these locations added to your travels.

This list will be changing and growing as more houses are discovered.

***PLEASE NOTE: Some of the list below is from previous years. We will be out in the evenings confirming these. If you see some lit, please let me know in the comments or email

🔴 On the map, 2023 confirmed addresses will have RED icons.




  • Wild Lights at the Magnetic Hill Zoo –

    Dates: December 1-4, 7-11, 14-18, 21-23, 26-31 and January 1-6.
    Hours:  From 5 pm to 8 pm. All guests must exit by 9:30 pm.
    Tickets: Wild Lights event tickets will go on sale starting November 1, 2023. Complimentary tickets are accepted.

  • 3202 Mountain Rd. – We stopped and chatted with the creator a couple of years ago. He runs the animations and enjoys creating the display each year. This display includes 30,000+ animated lights! Tune into 
  • 59 Falcon Dr. – Another yard full of details on Falcon Drive (This is the same house we feature each year on our Halloween Map)
  • 22 Falcon Dr. – Another home on Falcon that has been going all out for several years.
  • 86 Stoneham Dr – Cute display of blow-ups and lights.
  • 245 Twin Oaks Drive – A nice grouping of large snowmen, and reindeer. There is even more to see in 2023!
  • 230 Twin Oaks Dr –  Lots of blow-ups!
  • 41 Bridlewood Way – Cute wooden cutouts, one of a kind.
  • 135 Morningside Dr
  • 44 Meadowdale Dr – Lots of blow-ups, nice display.
  • 6 Labelle St
  • 105 Laforge – There are many lights in the yard and on the house on the corner of Hildegard and Laforge.
  • 183 Barrieau Rd – Full yard of lights and characters
  • 114 Pasadena Dr (UPDATE Dec 13, still setting up outside display Follow them on Facebook for updates) This house’s light display is set to music, pull over, tune into the radio station at 89.1 FM, and enjoy the show! The entire yard is lit with displays timed to the music. (Highlighted on CTV)
  • 83 Pebble Creek Way
  • 10 Abbott Ct. – Fun display with unique wooden cut outs.
  • 73 Salengro Cres – Full display set to music. This is a family favourite.
  • 105 Pellerin St
  • 102 Ellesmere Dr
  • 111 Whitney Ave
  • 119 Edinburgh Dr – Philips Bros Excavating Ltd decorate yearly. They stepped up their game this year with more decorations, be sure to drive by!
    (Pics on the Facebook page)
  • Centennial Park – Large trees and displays at the main entrance to the park.
  • 96 Alexander – Be sure to stop in front of this house on Alexander and watch the windows for a fun animation, then turn onto Milner and spot the Starship Enterprise, a gingerbread house, and more!
  • Corner of St. George and Vaughan Harvey Blvd
  • Main St and City Hall area – All along Main Street there are plenty of lights on street posts, trees and nativity in front of city hall, and angels closer to Vaughn Harvey Blvd end of Main St.
  • 232 McLaughlin Rd – Mac Arthur’s Nurseries has a lovely display outside and lots of beautiful decor inside. (Nice stop to stretch your legs, shop in their market and have a look around!)
  • 49 Morewood Cres – Fun display of blowups and lights
  • 1150 Elmwood – Be careful crossing the road, this house is located across from Irishtown Park, with huge displays and you can walk around the property. All handmade and life-size or larger! Smurfs, Alvin & The Chipmunks, Toy Soldiers, Barney, Santa with his Sleigh, and more…(A little history here and another more recent CTV interview here)
  • 5 Larchwood – Nice light set up. Drive around the park, there are various displays.
  • 110 Neville St
  • 337 Shediac Rd. – House porch and yard are full of lights and decorations
  • 150 Branch – Lots of lights in the yard and woods surrounding the house.
  • 61 Weston St – Full yard of characters (family favourite)


  • Waterfront Park in Riverview – The Riverview waterfront has tens of thousands of lights. It’s a lovely place to take a family stroll. 
  • 924 Yale Ave 
  • 921 Wedgewood Extension – unique blow-ups and some on the roof
  • 128 Irving Rd. – many characters and lights, full front yard
  • 50 McDowell Ave
  • 18 Warren Ave – Santa’s elves are climbing the tree in the yard full of lights
  • 202 Wentworth Dr
  • 297 Randall Dr 
  • 795 Coverdale Rd 
  • 67 Weir Drive – One of our favourites. So much to look at!
  • 1089 Pine Glen Rd 
  • 815 Pine Glen Rd 


  • 115 Chartersville Rd
  • 371 Chartersville Rd
  • 510 Chartersville Rd
  • 654 Chartersville Rd
  • Golf St – Nice street with lots of lights
  • Bahama St – Lots of nice lights.
  • 782 Rue Centrale
  • 82 Suzelle St
  • Dieppe Town Hall & Skating Oval


  • 2637 River Rd
  • 2693 Fredericton Rd
  • 2689 Fredericton Rd


  • Shediac Lobster – He is all ready for the season with his Santa Hat on and surrounded by beautiful lights. The town of Shediac is decorated and worth the drive down the main street (Penguin & igloo display by Home Hardware, Nativity display by Vogue Optical, and more along Main St)
  • 210 Cornwall Rd, Shediac NB
  • 5 Robwill St, Lakeville, NB 
5 Robwill St, Lakeville, NB


PETITCODIAC MAP – we will add a link to the map when it is available in 2023.

Here’s my map for 2023 Christmas Lights in Greater Moncton & South Eastern New Brunswick!


You can help me (one person, no staff here!) confirm addresses by filling out this form and sharing the address or sending us a pic at

Enjoy the best light displays in Moncton with your loved ones this Christmas. Bookmark this page and check back for updates throughout December.

I hope you enjoy this resource and I thank you for helping me out!

5 thoughts on “The Best Christmas Lights In Greater Moncton”

  1. Nice lights on Fredericton Rd, Salisbury just past the boys and girls club. Front and back yards.

  2. 297 Randall is lit with even more fun this time😁

  3. 1532 route 950 – bas cap pele has beautiful lights

  4. 110 Neville St is ready

  5. love the map come check out 44 meadowdale dr

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