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Letting Go

No, this is not about the Frozen Let it Go, or the Luba one either (for those of you old enough to remember the 80’s). This is about a lifetime of letting go.

You see, when you have kids, people tell you all kinds of things about raising them, but the thing they never mention is that having kids is all about letting go. The closest I ever heard was Barbra Coloroso writing that “your job as a parent is to move from management to consultant.” I am writing this from my perspective as a mom, but I know that dads have their own letting go moments as well.

When I was pregnant with each of my 3 children, I loved the secretness of harbouring a life, and keeping it safe. Then the time came when each told me it was time for them to be born. The first letting go.

Then I breast fed each of them, still just the two of us, as I nourished their growing bodies. Then came the time when they were ready to move on to “real food”, letting go again.

As they moved through each stage of life, learning to feed themselves, learning to walk, even going to the bathroom, it was all about them getting more independence and us letting go. Then they started school, and were away from home for hours, learning new things and meeting new people, and I had no “control” over their days. Yeah, letting go.

Then middle school, and high school, and driver’s licenses, still letting go. To be perfectly honest, when I sit in a car that one of my kids is driving, I still can’t believe it. How can my baby be able to do this thing? Never mind that my babies are almost 29 and 26.

When my baby girl went off to University in Corner Brook, Newfoundland 5 years ago, it was a huge letting go. Then, in her final year, she along with her classmates, spent 8 weeks in Harlow, England as part of her studies, travelling into London to watch plays and write reports. Yeah, more letting go. When she graduated, and moved to Halifax, well, you know. Now this weekend, we are getting ready to move her back to Corner Brook, to live the life she has chosen. I realized that she is the same age now that I was when I got married. The tears are coming now, and I am letting go.

All my life, all I ever wanted was to get married and have kids. I have been blessed with having a husband who I love more each day, and with kids that make me proud in more ways than I can say.

So, to all you who are parents, or parents to be, or if you act as a parent in someone’s life, realize that the letting go is all about you. It’s about letting go of your plans for another person’s life, and it’s about showing that you love them.

Peace and Blessings to you all. ThinkGrowInspireFriday

~ Michelle 

Owner of Sculpt Health and Wellness Riverview

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