Saving On Everything Back To School

The back to school madness is underway and we are all looking for ways to cut costs this time of year. Expectations run high, there are new book bags, sneakers, clothing, school supplies, and lunch supplies. The list can be long and expensive. BUT, let’s not worry about what others are doing or what the kids expect. In my books, it is better to teach frugality and a reduced waste approach through re-using and recycling. Let’s teach our children that they do not need NEW everything, there are so many items that can be re-used and recycled from previous years.

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Back to School: Tips on How to Save

  Back to School: How to Save on Back to School Spending!     This time of year is the second highest spending season after winter holidays! Are you trying to save a bit on school supplies, clothes for the kids, etc? Here are some tips that may help keep you on track this Back … Read more