5 Reasons To Keep Your Receipts

5 Reasons To Keep Your Receipts

Yes, I am telling you to hang onto those little crumpled up pieces of paper in your coat pocket, car cup holder or bottom of your purse! 

It may seem annoying to keep track of all your receipts, but read on to understand why it may be a good idea. 

Here are 5 reasons to keep your receipts for all purchases:

Trying To Save More in 2017

Trying To Save More in 2017

The passing of December 31st each year means many, many coupons have expired. Now with a new year comes new deals, new coupons and new saving strategies.

Here are a few reminders to help you save more this year!
  1. Set a goal for your savings: This may be as simple as trying to stick to a fixed budget for groceries, save for a trip, buy a new computer...or more detailed savings goals. Maybe you simply want to spend little less every grocery trip, to see how low you can get your grocery bill.
  2. Do Not compare yourself to others: one of the most common reasons I hear that people give up on coupons is: they can't get all the deals they read about. Remember,  start small. We all know what we are willing to pay for something. Next time you buy deodorant or bathroom tissue,  try to get it cheaper than you usually do. Try to beat your own prices each time you shop. Do Not compare yourself to others, be inspired by others, but be proud of what you are accomplishing too!
  3. Start tracking NOW: Get a journal, or set up a spread sheet to help with this. Each time you shop write down how much you saved with coupons.
  4. Watch for coupons everywhere: coupons really are everywhere.  In Magazines, newspapers, in product packages/ on boxes, by email newsletter,  manufacturer's websites, Facebook,Twitter, in store displays/booklets, websites (both printable and mail to you) and more...click here for resources to help you collect coupons
  5. Start/continue to stock items you use regularly: I hate the term Stockpile, simply because everyone assumes it means hoarding.  A stockpile will help with your overall savings if done properly.  You need to be reasonable and learn the rock bottom prices of items you use everyday. You can save a large amount of money by picking up items when they are free or almost free. BUT always remember, there is a 4 to 6 week sales cycle for everything.  It will be on sale again!
  6. Use Cash Back Apps: Check the cash back apps every week for new offers and items to save on. Cash back apps allow you to purchase items in stores, then take a pic of your receipt to upload to the app. You can claim cash back on various items each week, and the amount is kept in your app account. Once you reach the cash out threshold ($20 for most), you can request your cash by cheque.
These are just a few things you can do to help you be focused and save more this year. If you are looking for more ideas to save, check out our 52 Week Money Challenge post.
Happy Savings,
 Ruth Ann

Do You Shop Clearance Bins?

Do You Shop the Clearance Bins and Racks? 
Do you check the clearance bins when you shop? If you don't, why not?
Some people have the misconception that clearance bins are full of junk. They are the people who never look in them!
Can I just tell you one thing?  If this is you, you are missing out on some huge savings.
When I first started trying to save the most on my grocery bill, I learned quickly that many times the clearance bins were one of my best ways to cut back. I get some of the best deals in clearance sections. 
What about using coupons? Certainly you can't use a coupon on an already reduced to sell item....or can you?
YES, you CAN use a coupon on a clearance item, often making the item FREE or almost free!
They contain items that are being cleared for different reasons.
Here are just a few reasons items may be in the clearance sections:
  • Discontinued: Most often the manufacturer is no longer supplying the product, so the retailer clears it out to make shelf space.
  • Package Design: The product may not be changing, but the packaging is. Again, the retailer makes room on the shelf for the new stock with pretty new packaging.

  • Packaging: The packaging may be damaged, but the product is fine inside.
  • Close to expiry date (this is sometimes the case with food items, be sure to check) I buy yogurt on 50% off and freeze for use in Smoothies or yogurt  tubes for lunches. I NEVER pay full price for yogurt.
  • Produce Mark Downs: Most of the time there is one fruit or veggie in the package that is going bad, the rest is fine. (50% most common mark down)
  • Meat Mark Downs: Often the meat department marks down trays soon to expire and if you are going to cook it or freeze it the same day, why pay more? (30-50% savings are typical on meats)


These are just a few examples of saving big on clearance. Of course there are seasonal items, school supplies, toys, etc to watch for on clearance as well. Be sure to always have a look, don't be afraid of the clearance items, 99% of the time there is nothing wrong, missing or damaged, it's just time to make room on the shelf for new items.
Hope you enjoyed this article, and if you did, be sure to share!
Happy Savings,
Ruth Ann


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