$25 Meal Plan – February 4th

Here is this week’s $25 weekly meal plan. The plan includes Carrot Soup, Roasted Chicken and Veggies, Lasagna Bake & Tacos . Family friendly frugal meals on a budget each week based on sales in Atlantic Canada.

The whole idea in sharing these plans is to inspire you to find lower cost options and plan ahead to save time and money. If you have specific dietary needs, you can alter some recipes or create your own plans. This is for inspiration, to prove it is possible to feed a family of 4 for supper meals on $25/week…customize as you wish. You can do it!

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Make Your Own: Sundried Tomatoes

Make Your Own: Sundried Tomatoes Sundried Tomatoes are one of my favourite savoury foods. They are pricey to purchase in store, so I started making my own over a year ago. I watch for grape or smaller tomatoes to go on sale, or even better, clearance, then make up a sheet of “sundried” tomatoes. They … Read more