Busy Bag: Felt Board Ideas

Busy Bag: Felt Board Ideas There are times when you need an activity to keep the kids busy, while you either have some quiet time, get supper under way or need a bathroom break! You know those times, right? I have started putting together “Busy Bags”, for just those occasions. These are activities or toys … Read more

Kids Craft: Egg Carton Spider

Kids Craft: Egg Carton Spider Do you keep Egg Cartons, thinking you will use them in a craft project, and they are piling up? Here is a cute or creepy little craft you can do with the kids. Great addition to Halloween decor or just to add to your creative creature collection. We have a … Read more

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts: Swirly Snake

Toilet Paper Crafts: Swirly Snake


With a young child in the house, we tend to keep many items to use in crafts. There is never a shortage of egg cartons or toilet paper tubes in my house. Here is a quick and simple craft to do with toilet paper tubes. There are so many fun creatures you can make with what you have around the house. 

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