My #80lbJourney – Cheesies, Hickory Sticks and Beer! Oh My!

My #80lbJourney – Cheesies, Hickory Sticks and Beer! Oh My!   Okay, we all have days where we don’t try as hard, or maybe skip out on watching what we eat, or exercising. Well, this week threw me for a complete loop. I promised when I started these weekly posts, that I would share the ups … Read more

My #80lbJourney Week 4 – One Month Results & Thoughts

My #80lbJourney – One Month Results & Thoughts This week I have been working out at home, and a little stressed, but doing fine with calories and this morning’s weight proved I am doing okay! Check out my video blog for the details and a little insight into how I am doing, what I have … Read more

My #80lbJourney Week 1b – Over the Years & Turning Point

80lb Journey – Over the Years & Turning Point At 41 and 5’10” tall, I weigh just under 250lbs. Over the past 20 years I have been 155lbs (when I got married), and gained 20lbs gradually for a couple years, hovering most of my pre baby years around 170-175lbs. I felt great and had very few … Read more