Halloween & Pets – Pet Safety For A Happy Halloween

Inside: We are talking about the dangers and anxiety triggers for pets around Halloween. Sharing tips and ideas to help ease and avoid stress Halloween may bring.

Post sponsored by Maritime Animal Hospital, Moncton, NB

Halloween is fast approaching and we are preparing our home and family for the fun night. Part of that preparation is to be mindful of our dog, Bo and our two cats, Flash and Max. They all need to feel safe in our home with strangers coming to the door…and strangers in costumes can cause additional stress on them. Here are a few things to remember when preparing for Halloween when you have pets. 

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Ticks, Fleas & More – Just Ask A Veterinarian with Dr. Malone

This month on Just Ask A Veterinarian, we are talking about Springtime Parasites & preventative measures. Dr. Susan Malone and I did our live video on April 11th and shared some tips for protecting your pets this Spring. 

This post is sponsored by Maritime Animal Hospital

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Dog Friendly Businesses in Greater Moncton *Updated July 2022*

With the cold winters and hot summers we experience in Moncton, New Brunswick, it is nice to know what businesses allow you to bring your pet inside the store. Here is a list of Dog Friendly Businesses in Greater Moncton *Updated July 2022*, originally compiled by myself and some friends in March of 2019.

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