Day Tripping In NB With Kids

Day Tripping In NB With Kids

For many summers now, we have been doing day trips from our home in Moncton, NB. With two children that are almost 10 years apart in age, we have tried to find adventures that are interesting for both boys. While some day tripping adventures have been the entire family, many have been just myself and the kids, while hubby is working. Keeping this in mind, many of the day trips are doable with one adult and a couple children.

Day Tripping – Kingsbrae Gardens in St Andrews, NB

Day Tripping - Kingsbrae Gardens in St Andrews, NB

Kingsbrae Gardens in St. Andrews NB is a beautiful place. I have been to St. Andrews many times over my 40 + years and only last summer did I get the opportunity to visit the gardens.

Our family took a day trip from Moncton, with my kids and nephew, and headed to St. Andrews to visit the Huntsman Marine Science Center. On the way, I was looking at the NB Tourism Guide and trying to figure out what else to do when we got there.

Day Tripping – Fundy Trail Parkway

Day Trip NB - Fundy Trail Parkway

The Fundy Trail Parkway is the perfect spot for families with any age children. There are hiking, biking and auto routes, making this ideal for anyone to enjoy.


We went and explored a few trails, down to waterfalls, across the suspension bridge and also drove the length of the trail. We also visited the interpretive center at Great Salmon River. My history loving hubby and older son have to read all about everything! We will be headed back this summer to check out the beaches and the extension to the route since we last visited.

Day Trip NB – Fort Beausejour

  • Day Tripping - Fort Beausejour

Do you like history and exploring historic sites?

Fort Beausejour is one of our favourite day trips in NB. It boasts an historic site to explore, open fields, picnic area and museum. It is a beautiful spot on the top of a ridge near the fundy coastline in Aulac, NB.

Day Tripping – Huntsman Marine Science Center

Day Tripping - Huntsman Marine Science Center

Our first visit to the Huntsman Marine Center was years ago, when they were renovating. While it was a great experience and Lorne enjoyed it, we really wanted to experience the new Science Center! Last summer, while visiting St. Andrew's on a day trip with my family, husband, son 12, nephew 12 and son 2.5, we had our chance to visit. The same day we packed a picnic lunch and enjoyed the park, visited the Block House and Kingsbrae Gardens.

Upon entering the facility,there is a small gift shop and a large area with information about the Fundy coastline. Did you know that if you are anywhere in New Brunswick, you are never more than 200KM from the ocean?

The most impressive structure meets you as you enter the center. The glass column of water and fish, pictured below with the boys having a look, reflects the height of the Fundy tides.



The touch tanks are a huge hit with kids, and there are a variety of marine life to touch and see in the large touch pools of the main floor. Downstairs you can see various marine creatures including the blue lobster pictured above. There is also a children's play area on the bottom floor.


Don't miss watching Snorkel and Loki, the resident harbour seals. They will put on a little show for you. There is a large viewing area on the main floor, an outdoor viewing area and also, downstairs is an underwater viewpoint. They are sure to entertain both children and adults alike!

At the Huntsman Marine Science Center  you will enjoy seeing sturgeon, seahorses, salmon, intertidal creatures, and underwater viewing of Bay of Fundy fishes. There is also a Café & Gift Shop, children's play area, feature films, interactive displays, the walking path to the beach to explore while on site.

This aquarium is worth adding to your day trip list, if you are headed to St. Andrews. We will definitely visit again.

Visit them online at:

Day Trip NB – Hopewell Rocks

Day Trip NB- Hopewell Rocks

Have you ever walked on the Ocean Floor? I am not talking about a beach, we are talking an actual ocean floor. The tides in the Bay of Fundy are the highest tides in the world. Hopewell Rocks, located in Hopewell Cape on Route 114, is the perfect spot to experience the difference between high and low tides. Kayaking around the flowerpot rocks at high tide and walking on the 2 kms of ocean floor when the tide is out.