Adventures with Star Wars and Minecraft – Clayton’s Week at Snapology Camp

There are so many options out there for summer camps and activities. Most require planning months in advance and committing to a week or two of full days. There are sports-based and outdoor-based camps, and there are activity or interest-based camps. 

Then There Is Snapology

When I met with Deji, owner of Snapology Moncton, to learn about the STEM camps he was offering this summer, I was excited and very impressed. Not only are the programs play-based, but they teach Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics skills through fun theme based activities. 

This post is sponsored by Snapology Moncton. All opinions and experiences are our own. We partner with businesses that complement our brand and endorse experiences we have personally tried.

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The Imperfect Parent – My Kid Lives On Crackers and Milk!

The Imperfect Parent – My Kid Lives On Crackers and Milk!

Frustrating is the nice way of putting it when I describe meals with my 3 1/2 year old.

Do you have a “picky” eater?

You start to wonder if you are failing at this whole parenting thing. You feel like everyone is judging you.

I can’t tell you how many blog posts and expert articles I have read about feeding a picky eater. They pretty much all tell you what your kid should be eating, and tricks for how to get them to eat veggies and fruit.

I get it, I understand why it works with some kids…but just because it worked for you, it doesn’t mean my kid will react the same.

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