Naan Bread

  Naan Bread is a great option to have on hand for many meals. Pizza, wraps, sandwiches and for dipping or with hummus. I like making a batch of smaller flat breads and putting them in my son's lunch with pizza sauce or hummus. We also make pizza often with it, as you will see

Cheesy Mounds

Super simple and very tasty Cheesy Mounds! These Cheesy Mounds melt in your mouth like a shortbread cookie, but the flavour resembles more that of a cheddar cracker. If you are looking for a treat at home or something to take to a potluck, these little beauties are sure to be a crowd pleaser. I used

Candy Cane Cookies

Candy Cane Cookies, or Peppermint Swirls I have made these a few times over the years and have tried a few recipes. Some require more prep time than others (putting in fridge for hours). My preference is simple and at one sitting! Today, Clayton, my almost 3-year-old (Dec 30th birthday) and I made Candy Cane