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Not gonna lie, this has been a helluva week. I kept putting off writing this column because I just didn’t know where to start, especially after the whole “change your thoughts” column last week. But then I figured the reason I’m doing this in the first place is to help people to think, grow and inspire, so I just sat down and let the words come.

You see, I am a sponge. I soak up people’s energy, good or bad. I try to be a waterfall, and just let emotions run over me, but I’m not. I am a sponge, and this week I have reached maximum absorption. There’s not one more drop that I could take in, so much so that if you looked at me, you could see the puddle of emotional waters dripping off around me. This is not new for me. I started getting migraine headaches at 7 years old, soaking up the stress that was all around me, that no one would talk about. 

Everyone pretending things were fine. These headaches continued through most of my life when stress would overwhelm me, and I would be flat out in bed, sleeping it away. Nowadays I often carry the pain in my stomach, having “gut feelings” about situations that are not going so well.

On my way to the gym yesterday “Let it Be” came on the radio and I cried. Then last night I was a business dinner and the speaker referenced the song. So last night, after another day of stomach pain and emotional pain and just being overwhelmed and feeling guilty about feeling this way, I broke down in tears, and sobs, and I wrung out that sponge. My husband held me in his arms as I let go of the pain. I didn’t wake up this morning all better and ready to move on. I had to remind myself to not take the pain back again, and to do that many times throughout the day. Things are getting better, and I am feeling the shift in my emotional state. 

I don’t tell you this to get your sympathy. I’m just saying that we have all been there, and we will be there again. I’m just saying that even though I have read the books, done the work and advise others all the time, sometimes things happen that bring you to your knees. Not every day is going to be roses and sunshine, and the most important lessons are often learned the hard way. What I have learned over this last week is to take responsibility for my actions and thoughts and feelings and to lean on the people who are in my life. Most important is that caring about people does not mean that you have to hold their pain. 

My wish for us all this week is that we move forward with love for ourselves, and that we learn and grow and just Let It Be. 

~ Michelle 

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