Support Local: Why is it important to shop local?


Let’s just say, 2020 has been challenging! Everyone’s lives have been changed in some way due to the global pandemic. As individuals and as business owners,  we have had to rework how we go about our day to day lives.

Most businesses have had to pivot and rethink their business strategies. Some businesses have been hugely successful in adapting and discovering new ways to reach their customers. For some small business owners 2020 has continued to bring stresses, hardships and maybe even closure of their business.

While we have always been supporters of small business, and shared that support through business profiles, gift guides and our everyday purchases, we tried extra hard this year to shop local. From purchasing a new bicycle from a local bike shop (Bent Spokes Bicycle Shop), to having local craft beer (Celtic Knot Brewing), soap (Rosemary Wellness), clothing (Sandy Toes Shop) and more delivered to our door, we made conscious choices to shift some of our spending on a more regular basis.

Let’s think about why it is important to shop local (in 2020 or any year!).
  1. They are unique to the region and the people: Loacal businesses cater to the needs and wants of the community they are in. Big box stores are all the same across the country, but a local diner, gift shop or clothing store can vary dramatically depending on the province or town it is located in.
  2. You know them and they know you: You get to know the people who work at smaller shops. They are often more invested in their job or are the owners themselves, making them more attentive and customer oriented.
  3. They spend their money here in the community: These businesses support the local economy by spending their profits and often sourcing supplies and services locally.
  4. They give back more to your community: Have you ever noticed that the local sports teams or charity fundraiser are often sponsored by the local businesses in town? Most corporate big businesses have a select National charity and offer less on the local scale.
  5. More unique local businesses make your community a destination for travellers: When we travel, we love checking out the local shops. Who wants to go on a trip and just go to chain stores that they can visit any day? 

These are just a few reasons, not related to the pandemic,  for supporting local. 

In an effort to help our local business communtiy, we are going to update and continue to add to our directory of those businesses going above and beyond to serve and reach their customers right now.

We love supporting local and will be sharing more businesses with you again in 2021. Follow our social channels for more of our favourite businesses, and be sure to share your business with us if you are a local Atlantic Canadian business.

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