Sunday Meal Prep – Seemed too easy this week

SUNDAY MEAL PREP – Seemed too easy this week

This week I chose to cheat a little by, once again, picking up 2 rotisserie chicken for $15. I almost purchased 3 chicken for $21, but then when I thought about it, I can get 2 cooked for $15, so that is easy and affordable.

My meal prep is done for all of our meals, so there are some breakfast, lunch, supper and snack preparations happening in this post each week. 

My meals changed for my Sculpt plan and now includes lean beef at suppertime, so the variety has changed on my options.

We have fresh eggs from a friend this week, so I didn’t purchase any. So flavourful and she shared the chicken’s names with us 🙂

Here is my Meal Plan that I am prepping for.
What I did to prep this week: (about 1 hour of my time to prep)
  • Boiled 8 eggs
  • Removed all chicken from 2 rotisserie chicken
  • Made Chicken Broth from the chicken bones. Will use for soup next week.
  • Portioned carrots and cucumber for grab and go snacks
  • Spinach one bag cooked and portioned for 4 lunch meals.
  • Extra Lean Ground Beef Cooked and portioned for Supper meals.
  • Cooked steak for Steak Fajitas
  • Roasted veggies (zucchini, broccoli & sweet potato)
  • Cooked basmati rice for lunches
  • Made up 4 burgers and froze.
  • sauteed onions and mushrooms for veggies with steak at supper
Already prepped in freezer or cupboard:
  • Fried up Onions & peppers (with a little coconut oil) portioned and frozen, for use in omelets at breakfast or evening snacks
  • Muffins and breakfast burritos for the kids
  • Snacks portioned and bagged (almonds, dates, crackers)

When there are prepped options in the fridge and freezer, I find it much easier to stay on track and make healthier decisions when it comes to food.

Do you meal prep? What are some items you prep every week?

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