Suckers and Support – In The Greenhouse with Codiac Organics #supportlocalNB

This growing season, we are partnering with Codiac Organics, Moncton’s only certified organic urban farm, to bring you our In The Greenhouse with Codiac Organics series.

You can follow along as Fran shares with me, the ins and outs of growing certified organic Cherry and Beefsteak tomatoes in their urban greenhouse. This trip to Codiac Organics greenhouse was 3 weeks after my initial visit to put the plants in the ground. This time Fran shared details on the double heading process. On this visit I asked about how the farm started and how it has grown into Moncton’s only certified organic urban farm.

In The Greenhouse
Visit the farm at 1176 Ryan St., turn onto Rural Estates Dr for the Farm Stand.


Suckers and Support  – In The Greenhouse with Codiac Organics 

On my first visit, about 5 weeks ago, we transplanted some seedlings, tied them and pollinated the tomatoes. Then this visit, from a couple weeks ago, we talked about maintaining the plants, double heading, and training them to create a V and form 2 stems for higher yield. You can see the 2 supports per plant in the photo below. 

Some of the things I learned the second visit to the greenhouse:
  • The white plastic ground cover slows the evaporation process, directs light to the underside of the plants and reduces weeds.
  • All the plants are now double headed. Meaning 2 stems are growing and being supported. This is done when the branch below the first cluster of tomatoes is removed. (See video clip for details)
  • Suckers are removed weekly, as they take energy away from the plant. 
  • The suckers being removed, have little hairs on them, as pictured below. The hairs, when planted into the soil, turn into roots and could start another plant.

On my next visit we will go Live on my Facebook page to share the harvest!

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