Striving 4 Zero Waste – Replacing Paper Towels

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Many of us are on a mission to produce less waste in our homes. I am of a generation that was near the beginning of all the “convenience” products that are out there today, and grew up using them all and then realizing the waste later. Unfortunately, convenience often means more waste or more energy used in the production or use of these products.

So, today I am addressing Paper Towels, what we can use to replace them, and reuse around the home (You do not need to buy a thing!). We still have some paper towels in our home, as all the changes I am making are being implemented slowly to help the entire family adjust. Having kids and a husband who is used to everything one way, make it hard to just change everything all of a sudden. Having pets usually means some messes that paper towel is just better to use in dealing with it, so I imagine we will always have a roll or two on hand. But the daily use of paper towel could be cut back dramatically.

This journey I am on is going to be “Striving 4 Zero Waste”, meaning we are trying, and working at it. We have a compost bin in our yard, and many paper towel without chemicals on it can go in the compost as well, so I don’t worry too much about using it in moderation.

Replacing paper towels can be very simple, just have a look around your home for alternatives. I bet you can find a fabric you already have, to replace the paper towels you use.

Socks – Old pairs of socks or the lonely ones that lost their mate, make perfect rags for cleaning up and dusting.

T-Shirts – Using old cotton shirts cut into squares, is another option for quick clean up.

Old Towels–  Another option that will not cost anything, is to cut up some towels or use old facecloths as your paperless option for cleaning up spills or cleaning the house.

It’s not about being fancy, it’s about being resourceful. 

Cloth or Bamboo Washable – You can buy cloth napkins or bamboo towels (found here from Lily Pads Reusable Products or Amazon).

Microfiber Cloths – You can use a pack of microfiber cloths to do all your cleaning. Absorbing eight times their weight in water, and dry in half the time of standard towels. You can also wash and reuse them hundreds of times reducing waste and money spent.

If you want to purchase some reusable towels, here are some great options:

Do you have a favourite alternative to using paper towels in your home? Let me know what you use and find works best in your household.

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  1. Norwex counter cloths are an excellent replacement for paper towels!

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