Some stock up and clearance shopping May 15th

Some stock up and clearance shopping May 15th

Today I did a little stock up and clearance shopping. To be clear, this is NOT my grocery order. These are extras I was picking up to stock up on at good prices. I don’t do this a whole lot these days, so it was nice to just go out and look.

We needed to pick up some body wash and soap for the boys.
At Shoppers Drug Mart this afternoon I picked up 6 boxes of 2 bars of soap and 6 bottles of body wash.
Body wash was $2.99 -$2(insert) =$0.99 each
Bar Soap was 2/$5 -$2 (insert) =$0.50 each
PLUS you always pay tax on the price before coupons.

Subtotal: $32.94 +$ 4.28 (tax)=$37.22
Coupons: -$24
After Coupons: $8.94 +tax
TOTAL Out Of Pocket: $13.22
BONUS: I earned 4,000 pts =$5
74% Savings off Sale prices!
Next, I picked up 2 x 6pk of Bounty Paper Towels at Jean Coutu. Sale was $2.99 and I used a $0.50 coupon from the Brandsaver insert.

Subtotal $5.98 + $0.78 (tax)=$6.76
Coupons -$1
After Coupons $4.98 + tax
TOTAL out of pocket $5.76
17% Savings off Sale Price
After supper, I went back to shoppers to get a couple things I noticed when out earlier. I was on my way by and had my binder with me this time 🙂
2× Simple Face Wash clearance $3 -$3 (insert )=$0.00
2x Fructis Hair Conditioner $2-$1 (tear pad )=$1 each

Subtotal $10 + $1.30 tax=$11.30
Coupons -$8
After Coupons $2 + tax
TOTAL out of pocket =$3.30
80% Savings off Sales Prices
My last stop was Superstore to pick up 4x Stayfree & 4x Aylmers Tomatoes. I also scored 6x Brookside Chocolate in a clearance bin. There were also Carnation Hot Chocolate cans marked at $1.94, so I grabbed 3 cans.
4x Stayfree $2.99 -$2 (tear pad)=$0.99 each

4x Aylmers Tomatoes $0.99-$1wyb2 (booklet)=$0.49 each (250 pts each=$0.25)

6x Brookside Chocolate $4.99-50%-$1wyb2 (tear pad)=$1.50 / bag

3x Carnation Hot Chocolate $1.94 -$0.50 (tear pad) =$1.44 each

Subtotal $51.68 + $3.50 tax=$55.18
Coupons -$14.50 (-$14.97 discount stickers) =$32.47
After Coupons $19.21 + tax
TOTAL out of pocket =$22.71
63% Savings off Sale Prices

Total Before Coupons =$100.60 + tax ($110.46)

Coupons & Discounts =$65.47

Total After Coupons & Discounts =$35.13

Tax $9.86

Total Out Of Pocket =$44.99

Plus $5 Optimum Points and $1.50 PC Plus points towards a future purchase.

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