Socks with health benefits – *Review*

Socks with health benefits!

*This is a sponsored review. All wording & opinions are my own.

So, I will be honest, as I am with all reviews. I was skeptical…socks that relieve pain, improve balance and athletic performance, really?

For the past 2 months I have had major foot pain. Getting up in the morning was painful or standing after a long time seated made me wince. I tried stretches, foot baths and creams. Taking pain meds helped a bit, but that just masks the pain and it kept returning. So when Ķelsie-Ann asked me to review the Voxxlife products, I was game to try anything!

Day 1– So, I wore them the first day and thought, “yeah, these are super comfy socks.” But I did not notice anything major right away.

Day 2 – Since I have cold feet all the time, I left my socks on all night. The next morning, I got up to make breakfasts, pack lunches, get the kids off to school and then walk the dog. As I removed my socks, to grab my shower later that morning, I realized that I had no pain when I woke up. Walking the dog had not been an issue (as I had felt I was waddling more than walking lately). I even called my husband at work and said, “Did you notice I did not complain about my feet this morning?”. He said he had noticed. Could it be the socks? It had to be, it was the only thing I had changed. 

Throughout the past month I have had pain only on the days my socks are in the laundry 🙂  Now I wear them as often as possibly, these socks really do work for me!

I have a pair for everyday wear and a pair for the gym now. I cannot explain why they work, but they do! You can read all the science behind these socks on their website, but I have to say, I 100% noticed a difference in my foot pain. 

Voxxlife socks and insoles have a proprietary, neurologically enhancing technology, called VoxxHPT (human performance technology) with drug free benefits of added balance, stability, improved range of motion and reduced pain. Voxxlife is a Canadian company.

Price Range for insoles and socks: $30-$45
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