Shrinking Sam – Book Review

This book is a wonderfully illustrated story of the middle child, Sam, feeling he is shrinking. He is not getting the attention he is seeking, and therefore feels he is shrinking away.
I enjoyed reading the book with my Clayton, who is almost 3 yrs old. The bright illustrations are eye catching for young children, and the story itself will be more engaging as he grows. It will be a conversation starter for sure.
~ Ruth Ann


Shrinking Sam

Find out what happens when Sam wakes up and finds that he’s shrinking! No one will listen to him but his pencil is the size of a crocodile and one pea fills his whole tummy at dinner. This quirky story addresses the woes of a middle child, who is in need of a little attention.

Ages 3 to 7 years

Written By: Miriam Latimer

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☆We received a free copy of this book to facilitate a review.

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