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My grocery Order Dec 16th, 2015
Today is the day after a snow/ice storm here in Moncton. The perfect day to pick up some 50% off items and the last day of the sales flyer. I looked at the flyer starting tomorrow before heading out, and with my list in hand, went shopping.
I was able to stay within my $125 budget and have a little to purchase the few items I want to get tomorrow with the new sales.


Meat (didn’t need anything in particular, lots in freezer at the moment)

  • 2 stuffed Chicken Breast (fresh in meat dept) $3.99 – 50% off = $2

Produce (this is where I spend the most money each week)

  • Apples 4lb Gala $4.99 – $0.75 (Coupgon) = $4.24 (earned 1,000 pts = $1)
  • Large Container Grape Tomatoes $6.99 – 50% = $3.50 (there were ONLY 2 tomatoes  had to throw out)
  • Mini Potato Mix $3.79 – $1 (Coupgon)=$2.79
  • Carrots $2 – $0.75 (Coupgon) = $1.25
  • 3 Red Peppers $2.99
  • Grapes $2.99
  • Clementines 2 lb $3.50 (There are large crates for $5.99, but we won’t eat that many, so I bought less)
  • Small Fruit Tray $12.99 – 50% = $6.50
  • Med Salad $5.92- 50% = $2.96
  • Med Salad $8.56 -50% =$4.28


  • 2X Bread 2/$5 – There was none on the discount rack today 🙁
  • Mini Croissants $3.99 – 50% = $2


  • 4L milk $6.25
  • 4X Butter $2.99 = $11.96 – $1 (Coupgon)=$10.96  (Christmas Baking)
  • Large Eggs $1.99
  • Parkay Margarine $2.99
  • iogo Nano Drinks $3.99


  • Waffles 4X $1.50 = $6  (stocking up)


  • 2X Graves Peas $0.99 = $1.98


  • Oats $2.29
  • 2X PC Fruit Crisps $1.99= $3.98
  • White Chocolate Chips 2X $2.89 =$5.78  (Christmas Baking)

I also redeemed a Coupgon for $1 off Groceries and $0.50 off Groceries.

Total before Coupgons and discounts: $114.91

Total after Discounts and Coupgons: $88.67

Cash Back Offers Claimed:
Zweet $0.25 (bread)

PC Plus POINTS earned: 1,000 = $1
Don’t ever pass by the discount rack or pink stickers!
The tomatoes were a great price with pink sticker. Only 2 were bad!

I wanted to stick to my list today but there were so many pink stickers all over the store. If I knew I would have time to prepare, I would have picked up more fresh food to make freezer meals, soups or just to freeze as is.
Knowing I will want to shop again just before Christmas, I only purchased what I know we will eat this week. I allow myself to shop more often in Dec and have room in my budget to feed company for the next few weeks.
We are hosting family for Turkey Dinner and again on the 30th for my son’s birthday.
Budgets tend to be tighter for most this month. I have airmiles saved to redeem at Sobey’s, points at Superstore and recipes picked out to make meals for the next 3 weeks.
What are some of the things you do in December, when it comes to saving on everyday costs?

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