Shopping with Natalie: Target July 31st


Today was an unplanned trip to Target with my son Brenden who is 13. I must add he’s watched a few episodes of the US Extreme Couponing which featured teenage Couponers and he decided to help and learn. 

When we got in, I reviewed the catilina coupons I have in my binder. He quickly noticed the $5 off any video games catinilna and he was off to the electronics section. He came back with a smile and told me he found a variety of games for $6.80! In disbelief, I followed him and sure enough there were we games for Wii & DS that have regular prices of $19.99 marked down to $6.80. And the $5 coupon makes them $1.80!! I had 6 coupons. I gave him 3. We each choose 3 games to purchase. Also I got a few school supplies: papermate ink joy pens $1 per pack – $1 WUB 2 Target coupon = $.50 per pack Crayola markers $3 -25% off Target coupon =$2.25 Black Diamond Cheese strings 16 pk $4.99 -$1 Target Coupon -$1 coupon from cheese slices =$2.99 each Breyers ice cream $1 -$1 coupon x 6 = FREE Tostitos x 2 $3 -$2 WUB 2 = $2 each 2 DVDs $5 each -$2 catilina coupon = $3 each $171 total retail. I used $42 in coupons, I used my red card for all purchases and saved another 5% on everything and my out of pocket cost was $31! It was a great shop and I’ll defiantly bring my son Brenden on future shopping trips. ~Natalie

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